Super Natural Niseko

Supernatural Niseko offers snowmobile assisted backcountry tours to some of the Niseko’s best powder fields. Guided to untracked backcountry zones, where you can ride from top to bottom in blissful solitude. 

We will arrange a pick up from your accommodation within Niseko area,  in time for a fresh 9am start at the mountain base. We will run you through our short induction in regards to the safety, conditions, equipment and the use of the snowmobiles.

After the induction and any questions you might have, we will begin our ascend to the drop of zone. Before we drop into the clean runs, we will debrief you about the mountain orientation,  powder lines and pick up zones. This is where the true fun begins of powder adventure of solitude and fresh tracks, with the aid of local Japanese guides. The team will lead you through a number of terrains and adjust the difficulty based on your riding level, while avoiding your old lines!

During our time on the mountain you will have a chance to enjoy your lunch, surrounded by beautiful scenery, forest and nature. This is the perfect time to speak with our Japanese crew and make use of their broad experience and knowledge of Niseko snow, history and culture. After a good and long day of riding we will take you back to your accommodation. 

If you are a snowboarder and would like to add to your Niseko powder experience, there is no better way than to ride on a locally designed powder boards by 『Ideal Snow Shape』   

If you are interested in trying out our Supernatural or Unique boards please pop us a message for a free demo!

Please note a full

Backcountry gear is required for this tour, inclusive of beacon, shovel and probe. Please let us know in advance if you would like to hire a backcountry kit.

Price 5 Hours 1 person ¥60,000
Up To 2 people ¥55,000 per person

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